Short Films

Boxheads [2012]

Boxheads: a classic boy meets girl story.  Ben – a lonely weedy character- is ignored by co-workers and friends, but then he meets love interest – Phoebe.

The concept behind Boxheads, written and directed by Will Nicholls, is simple: a world where everyone has a box for a head. The characters are only capable of showing simple emotions with faces that are drawn on and remain static. The reason for this is to communicate a story using restricted facial expression in an artistic and creative way. In the Boxheads universe everything has a box for a head – humans, animals, toys, pictures and drawings; all Art Directed by Georgia Shelton.

We shot Boxheads, produced by Harry Cole, on a zero budget. We had a goal to use the project as a promotional video to show off the skills of the Filmmakers. We wanted everyone involved to be able to showcase their talent. Filmed by Matthew North, together we shot the film over two days in South West London, with a small but brilliant crew and a fantastic cast.  Morgan Nicholls musical expertise and Chris Roebuck‘s seamless cuts finished off the piece perfectly.